An important functionality of the MINT ingestion tool is the the Annotation Process. In many cases the source XML Schema which is derived from the imported dataset, does not hold all the neccesary information to fill the mandatory fields of the target Schema. Also the user might want to create new items, directly in the MINT Schema. For those two reasons the MINT ingestion tool provides the Annotation Fuctionality of an imported and transformed dataset or the creation of a new one where the user can create and manage new items from scratch.

When the user wishes to create a new dataset from scratch, he/she can invoke this functionality by pressing the «Start New Annotation» button in the Overview menu, as shown below.

When the user clicks on the «Start New Annotation» button the window depicted below appears on which he/she is prompted to provide a name for the annotation. After pressing on the «Done» button, a new item will appear on the «Imports & Annotations» overview and the user will be able to click on the appropriate «Annotation» and be redirected to the Annotation Tool where he/she will be able to create and annotate new items for the predefined dataset.

The second case is where the user has ingested a dataset and after a succesfull transformation he/she desires to view the items in the Annotation Tool and use its functionalities, e.g. create or delete items and edit the values of the already transformed ones. In this case the user has to click on the Import he/she desires in order to expand and view the available options on the «Imports & Annotation» window. By clicking on the , the user will be redirected to the Annotation Tool where all his/her items will be presented and by using the available functionalities additions, deletions and modifications of the transformed items can be executed. Finally when the user has finished annotating the dataset on the Annotation Tool, all the changes are also reflected on the available functionalities of the «Imports & Annotations» window of the MINT ingestion tool.

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