End-User Documentation

MINT service

  • Provides users the ability to perform a mapping of their own metadata schemas to reference domain models (In our case EDM)
  • Follows a typical web based architecture
  • It was developed for ATHENA, but it is currently used for EUScreen, Europeana Fashion, CARARE, Judaica, ECLAP, DCA, Linked Heritage and other Europeana Aggregation projects

The User manual is divided in four (4) sections

  • User administration
  • Import of metadata
  • Mapping
  • Transformation – Publication to Europeana


The very first step that each provider has to make is to register himself/herself and also his/her institution – organization to the MINT mapping tool

1.1 User Registration

User Registration can be done in two ways

  • Self-registration from MINT Mapping Tool – The user registers directly
  • User creation under an organization by its administrator- The organization΄s administrator creates an account for a user
  • User registration without an organization
  • User registration under an existing organization
  • User management (&User creation under an organization by his administrator)
  • Organization Registration & Management

1.2 Self-registration from MINT Mapping Tool

Users can register and access the services at

  • Click on the blue/purple link “Ι want to register”

  • Fill in the form and click on “Submit”

Leave the selected organisation blank, you can register and then create an organisation. The system will define you as Administrator
(Administration user can create/update/delete users and children organizations for the organisation he is administrating)

  • By clicking on the name of the user from the administration pane user΄s info is showing up

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