Import Data

Current version of MINT supports a variety of methods to upload your data. In order to upload your files and be ready to perform mappings, you have to select one of the following options, specify the required parameters and click submit.

Http Upload

Allows uploading your data directly from your web browser. Simply click "Browse" button and select the file containing your data. You can upload zip
xml, and csv files. Note that if you upload a csv file, you have to tick on CSV upload check box and specify the delimiter.


Allows uploading a file that has already been uploaded on NTUA's FTP. Simply select the file's name from the drop down list before clicking on the "Submit" button.

Remote FTP/HTTP Upload

Uploads a file from a remote FTP/HTTP location. Useful when your files are available already on a remote server


The MINT ingestion tool has an integrated OAI-PMH V2 harvester which can be used to access data stored in a remote server that supports this protocol. You have to fill in the base URL of the OAI-PMH repository and then click to the "Check OAI URL" button in order to check its validity. You can also fetch data based on a specific date interval as it is defined by the OAI-PMH protocol. Finally, you can fetch the OAI-PMH sets and Namespaces the remote repository supports and choose from them the set and type of metadata he/she wishes to import to the MINT ingestion tool.

Server filename

Specify the full path of the file in the server. This is used mainly for testing purposes.

Upload for Organization (required)

If you have access to more than one organizations, you need to specify for which organization you are performing the upload. Select the appropriate organization from the drop down list.

Conformed upload

Select this option in addition to your import method in case your upload already conforms to the selected schema and no mapping is necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MINT ingestion tool operates mainly on the "upload" level of metadata files. Every import that has at least one file it is considered a new upload of metadata and handled in the same way as if it had more than one. For this reason it is encouraged to use zip archives with many XML or CSV files compressed and limit the ingestion of single XML or CSV files only for testing purposes.

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