Profile management

Profile details

The "My Profile" tab allows you to view and edit your profile details. When you visit the profile page, you'll see your profile details as in the following picture.

In order to modify your profile you have to click "Edit details". You can either change your personal information change your password.

Modify personal details

After clicking "Edit details", the profile details will be hidden and two forms will appear. The one on the upper part of the page allows you to edit your personal information, including username, name, email, even organization. Simply enter the new values and click the submit button that is below the fields. If you click the "Reset" button, all the original information will return to the fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE Make sure that you click the correct submit button, the one directly below the personal fields, not the one below the new password fields.
IMPORTANT NOTE If you change your organization, then the new organization's administrator will have to approve your membership.

Change password

If you want to modify your password, simply type the new one in the "New Password" and "New Password Confirmation" fields before hitting submit. The Reset button will clear the password fields.

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