Item root

Clicking on the "Item Root" icon ( ) from overview displays a panel that helps you define the item level.

On the left part of the panel there is a tree representing the structure of the XML file(s) you have imported. Items with a "+" on the left can be expanded, while items with a "-" can be collapsed. By clicking on the information icon on the left of each node ( ) you get information and statistics about the values of this node. (Note that the green info icons are used for value elements.) These statistics include:

  • Namespace - the namespace used (if any).
  • Name - the node's name.
  • Count - total number of the times that the node appears in your file(s).
  • Distinct count - the number of distinct values for the specific node.
  • Value/Frequency table - a table with all the distinct values and the number of times each one appears in your file(s).
  • Link to statistics - clicking on the link on the bottom opens a new browser window with statistic information related to the current import. See Statistics for more information.

Item level is the top level element for each item of the import. Although usually it is the root element of the XML, this step ensures that more complex XML documents can be supported. In order to set the item level, drag the appropriate node from the tree to the left and drop it in the indicated box.

Item label is the label that is used as the Item name when displaying information about a specific item. In order to set the item label, drag the appropriate node from the tree to the left and drop it in the indicated box.

By clicking on the "Reset all" link you clear all boxes, while by clicking the "Done" link you finish the definition of the root item.

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