Thesauri Management

By clicking on the "Specify thesauri" icon ( ) from overview the Thesauri management windows appears that allows specifying thesauri for one or more nodes in mapping trees. The main concept is that each node in a tree may contain values that adhere to a thesaurus. The user should be able to define this relation between a node and a thesaurus.


The thesauri management panel is available from the overview page. A new option has been added on the list of imports part of the page. Clicking on the option will display the thesauri management panel

Figure 2 - Thesauri management panel

On the left side of the panel is the tree structure of the XML document you have previously uploaded (label 1 in Figure 2). Each tree node has an icon that will display statistics of the values contained in the corresponding tree node. The right part of the panel is divided in three parts. The box with label 2 contains a list of all available thesauri (if any). Clicking on one of the thesaurus will select it and display the corresponding information. The second box contains the details of the currently selected thesaurus and buttons for creating a new thesaurus and editing or deleting an existing one. Below these two boxes is used to display assignments between tree nodes and current selected thesaurus.

Adding a new thesaurus

In order to add a new thesaurus, click on the "New" button. A new dialog will appear (Figure 3), prompting you to specify the thesaurus’ details, including:
  • Title – the thesaurus’ title,
  • Description – a short description of the thesaurus,
  • Contact person – a valid email address (in form user@hostname),
  • URL – a URL containing the thesaurus’ data and
  • File – allows uploading a file containing the thesaurus.

Figure 3 - New Thesaurus Dialog

Fields "Title", "Description" and "Contact person" are required. "Contact person" should be in "user@hostname" form. Clicking "Submit" button will create the thesaurus, and select it after hiding the dialog. However, if one of the values is not correct, a warning will be displayed. Clicking "Cancel" button will hide the dialog without creating the new thesaurus.
The newly created thesaurus will be shared across users of the same organization tree.

Editing a thesaurus

In order to edit a thesaurus, you have to select the thesaurus from the list of thesauri, and then click on the "Edit" button. A new dialog will appear, containing a form with the data of the thesaurus. After editing your data you can click on "Submit" to update the thesaurus’ data. The same rules with creating a new thesaurus apply. If you click "Cancel" button, the changes will not take place, and you ‘ll return to the thesauri management panel.

Figure 4 - Thesaurus edit dialog

Deleting a thesaurus

In order to delete a thesaurus, click on "Delete" button and verify your intention in the dialog that will appear.

Assigning a thesaurus to a specific node

The most important feature of the thesaurus management panel is to define that a tree node contains values of a specific thesaurus. In order to perform this declaration, perform the following steps:
  1. Select the thesaurus that you want to assign to a specific node.
  2. Drag the appropriate node from the tree to the grey box in bottom right part of the screen.
    After performing these steps, the assignment will be completed and a new label will be added to the grey box (Figure 5). The label’s text is the path in the tree. The slash (/) character denotes child of the previous element. For example /Dokument/SortKey means node SortKey that is a child of node Dokument.

Figure 5 - Newly added thesaurus assignment

Removing a thesaurus from a specific node

To remove the assignment of a thesaurus to a specific node, perform the following steps:
  1. Select the thesaurus
  2. Click on the "X" icon of the corresponding label.

Applying a thesaurus to similar trees

Thesaurus management panel offers a useful tool for applying a thesaurus to similar trees. In order to better understand it’s functionality, consider the following example.
Two different trees are available, having different but similar structure:

Also consider that you have applied thesaurus “A test thesaurus” to the following tree nodes of tree a:
  • /items/item/title
  • /items/item/owner
If you want to apply the same thesaurus to tree b, you can perform the following steps:
  1. open the thesaurus management panel of tree b,
  2. select the thesaurus you want to re-use (in our example "A test thesaurus" and
  3. click on "Load existing assignments of this thesaurus to current mapping.".

Upon performing the above tests, thesaurus will search for all the tree nodes that the currently selected thesaurus has been applied (in our case /items/item/title and /items/item/owner). If a node has a tree path that exists in the current tree, it will apply to it the current thesaurus. In our example, the common path is /items/item/title, so thesaurus "A test thesaurus" will be applied to it. Note that in the case more than one tree paths are common, the thesaurus will be applied to all common paths.

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